The European Committee of Social Rights has published its decision on the merits of the complaint European Committee for Home-Based Priority Action for the Child and the Family (EUROCEF) v. France (no. 114/2015).

This decision concerns several violations of the right of unaccompanied children to social, legal and economic protection in France on several grounds, in contradiction with Article 17§1 and §2 of the European Social Charter. The decision identifies shortcomings in the national shelter, assessment and allocation system of unaccompanied children; delays in appointing ad hoc guardians; inappropriate and unreliable use of age assessment procedures; lack of clarity to access an effective remedy and the lack of access to education for children aged 16-18 years old in France. The decision of the Committee also identifies France to be in violation of its rights under the Charter which relate to the protection of children from physical and moral hazards and unaccompanied children’s access to shelter, health, social and medical assistance.

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